'Tie Her Up' Soft Nappa Pouch Red


£ 115.00

A chic and stylish leather pouch made from very soft Nappa leather, a superb carry option for a Leica M with a lens or Q camera.

With its double faced Nappa construction, the interior pocket protects your Leica camera.

The wrap-around design with a long tie-strap closure provides easy and elegant protection against dust, unexpected showers and scratches!

You can put your camera in it and then in your pocket or in your every day bag or back pack and it will protect it in a very stylish way.

You can also protect your lenses in one of these soft pouches and just put them in a bag without fear of scratches and dust.
It can be used of course with any mirrorless camera of similar size with a Leica.

Available in three colours:
Black, Red & Whisky

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