'Tie Her Up' Rock N Roll 100cm Cigar Brown Neck Strap for SL


£ 108.00

The Leica SL is a superb camera, heavy though and with the zoom lens even heavier . The strap lugs are in different position and cant receive split rings like the Leica M cameras .

The straps designed for it have to be made to be sturdy and durable and with no metal or plastic connectors or regulators on it, as there is danger of injuring the body of the SL.

Special Edition Rock n Roll SL is a special edition of our Rock n Roll SL strap , made with a fantastic, natural colour pull up leather (special wax treatment), Cretan leather and is consisting only from leather parts, NO PLASTIC and NO METAL on it! It comes in two Colors


Cigar Brown

The strap, because of its structure , works as a shock absorber . Most of our clients underline that! Even on heavy camera - lens combinations.