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Taab Hefty Universal Focus Tab

Will TAAB Hefty work with my lens?

There are TWO measurements you need to make in order to ensure proper fit. 1. measure the fit of your lens by either using the Diameter or Circumference as a measurement. 2. measure the width of your focus ring to make sure that the TAAB band is of appropriate thickness.

Lens Diameter 2.50? (64mm) to 3.00" (76mm)

If the diameter of your lens focus ring is within the rage of Minimum (A) and Maximum (B), your lens will work with TAAB HEFTY.

Lens Circumference 7.85" (200mm) to 9.25? (235mm)

You can also use a string to wrap around the lens focus ring to measure the circumference.

Focus Ring Thickness

This band is 0.50" (13mm) thick.

Please note: We can only offer our standard flat rate ?8.50 postage on TAAB's in the UK.

OVERSEAS BUYERS please be aware we only dispatch goods via a courier service, this will costs ?25 within the EEC, and ?55 for the Rest of World, for this item.
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