Leica Silverline Ultravid 10x25 BL Black Leather


£ 610.00

As with all Leica products, the Leica Silverline models are extremely robust, with brilliant viewing qualities and outstanding sharpness. The combination of technical performance and optical quality presented in such refined and attractive silver styling is entirely new in the world of premium optical instruments. Connoisseurs of understated elegance, precise craftsmanship and timeless design will find the Leica Silverline collection offers the perfect accessories for the finer moments in life.The more powerful 10x25 model is able to bring distant objects closer Thanks to their handy pocket size, these Leica ‘minis’ are ideal companions when travelling, or even on strenuous mountain climbs.
* Silver refers to colour not material
  • Magnification 10 x
  • Item Binoculars
  • Aperture (mm) 25