Leica 18mm/f3.8 SUPER-ELMAR-M ASPH. Black


£ 2,500.00

The Super-Elmar-M 18mm f/3.8 ASPH. captures the expansiveness of space like few other tools. Nominally larger than a standard lens, it boasts an extreme angle of view of up to 100 degrees and reaches far into the field of super wide-angle lenses, at the same time guaranteeing the outstanding lens qualities that are typical for Leica.

Due to a patented, space-saving, yet extremely effective lens hood, this lens successfully merges wide-angle photography with the very best of optical quality and compact design. Its retrofocus-like architecture features eight lens elements, one of which boasts two aspherical surfaces to ensure outstanding image quality, even at open aperture.

Finder and Camera not included.
  • Focal Length 18mm
  • f-Stop 3.8
  • Finish Black

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