Macro-Adaptor M for 90mm f4. 6-Bit


£ 699.00

The LEICA MACRO-ADAPTER M attaches quickly and easily to the LEICA MACRO-ELMAR M 90 mm f/4 lens so it can be used for close-up photography. It acts as an extension tube, permitting shots at distances from 0.77 to 0.5 meters. This distance range yields magnifications from 1:6.7 to 1:3, meaning that objects ranging in size from 161x241 mm down to 72x108 mm can fill the entire 24x36mm format. The two elements comprising the LEICA MACRO-ADAPTER M ensure automatic parallax compensation for the Leica M's viewfinder, and provide an integrated mechanism the transmits the distance setting, ensuring correct positioning of the viewfinder frame.
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