S-2 Adapter H for Lenses the Hasselblad H-System


£ 1,320.00

The Hasselblad H-system features a total of 11 central shutter lenses with focal lengths from 28 to 300mm. As the S2 features a dual shutter system users may toggle between the focal plane shutter
(FPS) in the camera body or the central shutter (CS) in the lens using the main switch photographers now have access to numerous additional lenses, increasing the photographic options offered by the Leica
S-System. Users of the Hasselblad H-system also benefit from the new adapter. The versatility of Hasselblad H
lenses is expanded considerably when they are used in combination with an S2. For instance, thanks to the dual shutter system of the Leica S2, H lenses can be now used with the focal plane shutter at speeds
of up to 1/4000 of a second. In combination with the Leica Maestro high-performance image processor, the camera?s image sensor enables perfect, noise-free exposures up to ISO 1250.
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