Leica Q-P (Typ 116) Black Camera


£ 3,690.00

New Unobtrusive Leica lettering on the top cover. Red dot will be deleted to underline the Q-P character.

"Stealth" paint tough and reliable matt paint of top, back and bottom cover developed by a Swiss specialist for high resistance lacquer (ILAG). Matt black anodized lens.

The exploration of the creative possibilities of selective focus is one of many exciting options offered by the Summilux 28 mm f/1.7 ASPH lens. In available-light situations, the imaging quality of the fastest lens in its class is exceptional. With a classical focal length of 28 mm, the lens has an angle of view that reproduces scenes with natural perspectives and proportions making it ideal for street, architectural, and landscape photography. Automatic or manual focusing and the ease of switching to macro mode with a close focusing distance of 17cm make the lens with aspherical elements the ideal partner for the Leica Q in every situation