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Leica SL SF-64 Flash Gun for S, SL, M, Q

Compatible with Leica M (Typ 240), Leica M9, Leica Q, Leica SL, Leica S (Typ 006), Leica S (Typ 007).

The SF 64 is one of the world?s most powerful compact flash units. Its high guide number of 64 at ISO 100/21? and a motor zoom for excellent flash coverage with focal lengths from 24 to 200 mm illuminates every subject. It also features a touch-screen display, a USB interface, a vertical (-9/+90?) and a horizontal (300?) reflector, and smart dual-reflector technology.
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Leica SF-60 Flash Gun for SL, M, Q, X, T,CL

With the SF 60 and a Leica Camera, you have the ideal set-up for a wide range of photographic situations. The flash has sufficient power to cover longer distances with its zoom-reflector or for shooting with soft, indirect flash from a reflector or bounced from a wall or ceiling.

Thanks to TTL flash exposure control in the camera, the dosing of fill-in flash for subtle brightening of subjects is no problem at all.

The clip-on soft box for softer light enables flexible adaption of flash illumination to the needs of the subject. Its high-speed synchronization at shutter speeds of up to 1/8000 s with compatible cameras turns day into night - the foreground is perfectly exposed by the flash while the background remains dark, despite the ambient daylight.

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Leica remote Control Unit SF-C1 [For use with...

The SF C1 works with radio frequencies in the 2.4-GHz band and offers up to eight separate channels for the configuration of flash units in groups. The flash units, which may be at distances of up to 100 meters from the SF C1 mounted on the camera, can be controlled as a single group or split into up to three separately controlled groups. For instance, you can separately control the output of a single flash unit with a beauty dish, a spotlight, and further units for lightening shadows and illuminating the background.

The SF 60 does not necessarily have to be connected directly to the camera.
Instead of being mounted on the camera, the new flash unit can also be used as a remote slave flash and, in combination with the Leica SF C1, for illuminating the subject from any desired angle.

In this way, the SF C1 remote control unit enables you to go far beyond what is usually possible with a single SF 60 flash unit.
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Leica SL SF-40 Flash Gun for SL, M, Q, X, T

Compatible with Leica M (Typ 240), Leica Q, Leica SL, Leica X (Typ 113), Leica T (Typ 701), Leica X Vario.

Although the SF40 flash unit is particularly easy to use, it offers a full range of features like high-speed sync and a nine-stage video lighting function. A guide number of 40 for focal lengths to 105 mm and a compact size make it an ideal companion when travelling light.

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