Leica SL2 Camera Body


£ 5,300.00

Building on the foundation established in 2015 with the visionary Leica SL-System, we are proud to introduce a new icon, the Leica SL2.

A unique 47MP sensor designed with
only two glass elements to minimise
stray reflections and allow Leica SL
lenses to deliver the finest reolution
and a tridimensional focal plane
separation, and with a unique design
of microlenses - together with a
unique light sensor on the body - to
allow Leica M lenses to deliver their
legendary unparalleled quality.

A unique EyeRes® EVF
that matches an
outstanding 5.75MP panel

A unique multi-axis in-body stabilisation to allow the unmatched 60lpm-optimized
Apo-ASPH SL prime lenses to be built without lens stabilisation, thus
achieving the tighter tolerances needed to guarantee the perfect and constant
alignment of the all-glass lens elements on the optical axis, without compromising
the fast focusing speed guaranteed by the new Leica Object Detection AF