Leica Apo-Summicron SL 75mm f/2 ASPH.


£ 3,845.00

Leica's new SL APO-Summicron lenses are compact and ergonomic that pair perfectly with the SL, and CL/TL systems.

Street, portrait, or whatever catches your eye: Conceived as a universal lens for all situations, the APO Summicron-SL 75 f/2 ASPH. opens up new horizons for photography in the transitional zone between standard and telephoto focal lengths.

The new Leica Summicron-SL-Lenses achieve extremely high contrast performance at maximum aperture, which makes them particularly suitable for creative shallow depth of field work and distinct isolation of subject details. Thanks to their shallow depth of field and exceptional imaging performance, every single lens guarantees the special look for which Leica photography is renowned.

Lens technical data availble to download below.