Voigtlander 21mm f1.4 VM Mount Nokton Aspherical Lens


£ 1,149.00

This lens is specially designed for manual focusing coupled precisely with the camera?s optical rangefinder system. Compared with a single lens reflex camera finder, the rangefinder focusing system focuses wide angle lenses with much more precision, enabling the photographer to use the shallow depth of focus offered by the large maximum aperture with peace of mind. The lens couples with the camera?s rangefinder from infinity down to 0.70m (differs depending on the camera) and features a helicoid that enable the lens to focus down to a minimum focus distance of 0.50m. The feature really shows its strengths when shooting using a camera with live view functionality. The included bayonet type rectangular hood is stylish, effective at shielding stray light and can be easily attached to and removed from the lens.
  • Focal Length 21mm
  • f-Stop 1.4

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