Leica Viewfinder 1.25x Magnifier-M


£ 240.00

The LEICA VIEWFINDER MAGNIFIER M 1.25x magnifies the viewfinder image by one quarter, providing a major aid in framing the subject at focal lengths above 50 mm. By magnifying the rangefinder images, it also greatly enhances focusing accuracy, especially when shooting at telephoto focal lengths. In this way it turns a LEICA M with 0.72X viewfinder magnification into one with 0.9X magnification; the effective rangefinder base length is increased from 49.9 mm to 62.33 mm. The LEICA VIEWFINDER MAGNIFIER M 1.25x is simply screwed into the viewfinder ocular of the Leica M. A small chain attached to the Leica M's carrying strap eyelet prevents it from being lost or damaged. A leather pouch is supplied for safekeeping when it's not attached.

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